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Sightseeing destination is a travel blog for travelers where you can read convenient & useful travel guides, experiences, travel stories, hotels review, and destinations. Ricardo Pogue is the founder of this blog. He is a part-time blogger, traveler, and tech enthusiast. He also manages one famous tech blog with his college friend. He loves traveling and that is the reason behind starting this blog. With this platform (sightseeing destination), he will share his travel journeys, experience, travel stories & guides, best hotels, accommodation, planning trip, visiting different states & countries.

Almost everyone loves traveling to new destinations explore places. One of the best things that we meet new people, make new friends, feel the beauty of nature, excitement & wonderful experience, memories, and the list goes on. Traveling is love. When you travel, you will fall in love with traveling habit, it also gives knowledge of different places, cultures, traditions, transportation, languages, system & law, etc. So, on this blog, I will keep you updated with travel journeys and places to visit.